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Applications for Cargill’s Blockchain Practicum
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In collaboration with Cargill, the Campus Collective is offering a blockchain technology practicum, where students will have the opportunity to work with Cargill’s experts to optimise port orchestration to improve arrival and departure accuracy for Cargill’s shipping operations.

This project will comprise of both technical and non-technical roles that students can apply for.

The Project: Port Optimisation with Blockchain Technology

Prototype a solution to mitigate shipping delays in a trustless manner using Splinter, Cargill’s open source privacy-focused platform for communication and transactions between organisations. The deliverable will be a detailed use case and a prototype of the proposed solution.

Duration: 5 Oct – 16 Nov 2020 (1.5 Month)

Individuals Selected: 5-7 students

Selection Criteria (Technical Role):

Applicants to have either front or back end programming experience, however both roles should know how to work with REST APIs

  • Backend programming experience ideally in Rust, if not then C or C++
  • Frontend programming experience with REACT

Selection Criteria (Non-Technical Role):

  • Strong analytical skills, preferably past experience working technology use cases
  • Strong research skills, perfect if you have done past work regarding port activities

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Project Mentors

Dirk Robers
Apollo Digital Advisor EMEA,
Cargill Digital Labs

James Mitchell
Hyperledger Sawtooth

Shawn Amundson
Principal Consultant,
Bitwise IO, Inc.

Shrey Baheti
Software Engineer,
Cargill Digital Labs

Siva Kumar Ponaka
Software Engineer,
Cargill Digital Labs

Application & Selection Process

Applications For Cargill’s Blockchain Practicum Now Closed

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