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25 – 26 February 2021




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ONCC Connect is a summit that has been developed for the students by the students. This year, we will be launching this new initiative that aims to bridge the gap between students and organisations by linking talent and leading frontier tech companies and giving students a glimpse of what it is like to work in one.

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Engage with

Thought Leaders

in the industry

ONCC Connect brings you two unforgettable days of exciting events that will bring together students, startup founders and corporate leaders.

Expand your professional network and discover the exciting opportunities that these companies have to offer. Get a glimpse of what it is like to work in one.

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Participate in our virtual 2-hour hands on sessions where you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills through industry-led workshops.

Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

Get your pressing questions answered by startup founders and the corporate leaders from leading tech companies in this 4-hour virtual ask-me-anything session. Featuring different companies such as IBM, WeBank, Ethereum and more, learn what it takes to kickstart your career in frontier tech and gain unique insights into the space.

Lightning Talks

Gain opportunities to learn, interact and secure internships with actively recruiting tech companies in this 2-hour long session. Get the chance to share your work and impress our network of world leading organisations through a short 5-min presentation, and hear from other talented students as well.

*Only students who have been shortlisted will be invited to attend this exclusive event

Coffee Conversations

Enjoy casual conversations over coffee with startup founders and corporate leaders from top tech companies. Gain valuable insights into their companies and potentially get connected with a mentor.

Tell us more about your background, interests and ambitions and we will match you with the right industry leaders and recruiters.

ONCC Connect Program

Check out our agenda below for the upcoming events over the 2 days!

All timings are displayed in GMT +8.

Day 1: 25 February 2021

14:00-18:00 | Ask-Me-Anything sessions (Virtual)

  • Some participating companies include:

    Ethereum, DiMuto, Zilliqa, IBM, Chainstack

18:00-20:00 | Company-led Workshops (Virtual)

  • WeBank: FISCO BCOS 3.0 and Trusted Data
  • STACS: Collaboration, Solution Designing For Financial Markets with the STACS Blockchain

Day 2: 26 February 2021

13:00-14:00 | Coffee Conversations (Physical)

  • Some participating companies include:

    IBM, DiMuto, Mighty Jaxx, PetRock Capital

14:00-18:00 | Ask-Me-Anything sessions (Virtual)

  • Some participating companies include:

    Ethereum, DiMuto, Zilliqa, Sign.net, Chainstack

18:00-20:00 | Lightning Talks (Physical)

  • Some participating companies include:

    STACS, Mighty Jaxx, Zilliqa, Ethereum, MVL Chain, PetRock Capital

Supporting Partners

AIDTechChainStackEthereumDimutoHashstacsIBMMightyjaxxMVLpetrock capitalsignnetWebankzilliqa

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